Join the Tamworth UCC Team

We are always on the lookout for passionate and caring individuals to join our team of GPs, practice nurses, management and support staff.
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Why Work With Us?

Tamworth’s Urgent Care Clinic is a family-friendly and flexible workplace, prioritising a supportive and inclusive environment for both our team members and the community we serve.

Our commitment to high-quality care extends to every interaction, whether it's among our staff, with our valued patients, or with the public at large. We believe that a positive and collaborative atmosphere translates into better healthcare experiences for everyone involved.

Are You a GP?

We invite General Practitioners to express their interest in joining our team. Tamworth’s UCC is specifically designed to handle acute injuries and non-life-threatening illnesses that would otherwise be directed to an Emergency Department.

Job Overview

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Gain valuable clinical experience in a collaborative team setting, managing acute injuries and non-life-threatening illnesses.
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Enjoy a family-friendly work-life balance with no late-night shifts.
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Work in a clinic equipped with the latest technology and equipment.
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Thrive in a supportive, friendly atmosphere that prioritises teamwork and patient outcomes.
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Flexible working hours with an 8hr minimum shift.
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On-site radiology, pathology and pharmacy.
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